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Eddy Kayinda new coordinator S2U in Uganda

At the 30th of March 2022 Eddie Kayinda accepted the position of coordinator S2U in

Uganda. This makes him not only our Ugandan point of contact, but also the central point within the Ugandan network: IUII, KIU, S2U, CFU and CLV. This partnership will form the basis for the substantive deepening in the coming years. The S2U role in this network is central. This position requires legal reinforcement of the Ugandan branch of our foundation. This means that the registration of S2U in Uganda (now company limited by quarantee) will be upgraded to an international NGO. This NGO registration is handled by Eddie Kayinda and Sophie Kyagulanyi-Bakkide. In addition to legal steps, there will be installed a UG board and there will be obligations such as annual policy plans and annual accounts.

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