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Ons Oegandese netwerk en alle projecten in Oeganda worden gecoördineerd en begeleid door:

Julius Buteraba

(project coordinator Uganda)

Sophie Kyagulanyi

(contactpersoon UG)

Peter Mutale

(contactpersoon projecten vanuit Nederland)

Hi everyone, my name is Peter Mutale and I have been connected to the Stick2Uganda Foundation from an early stage. My goal in life has always been to create a lasting good to the communities of Uganda. Having seen communities, families and children broken from the funding streams due to the inability to provide fund anymore. During the fund time - it is unbeatable but when it dies it loses all that has been fought for.


Stick2Uganda is set to the goals of sustainable development where we create streams of support for communities to last them a considerable period. With the partnership of Stick2Uganda NL and Stick2Uganda UG we would like to create a secure life pattern through investing in Ugandan communities!


"For the first time in human history, society has the capacity, the knowledge and the resources to eradicate poverty". - Thabo Mbeki, President, S.Africa , Johannesburg, August 2002


Britt Hoencamp

Ambassadeur 2015

(contactpersoon projecten vanuit Nederland)

Jonathan van Schoonhoven

contactpersoon in Oeganda

Eddie Kayinda

Coördinator S2U in Oeganda

contactpersoon Oeganda netwerk: IUII,KIU,S2U,CFU,CLV


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